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Sound Services  -  All about that Bass

Much like with our Picture Services we take equal pride in the integrity of all Audio that passes through our facility. From the moment we receive your Audio it passes through the latest technology available and fidelity is maintained throughout the listener experience.

Our state of the art facility is custom designed to ensure that all of our clients are satisfied that what they are hearing is the best quality audio available.

Sound Facilities

At Lounge Post we bring cinematic storytelling to life through our cutting-edge sound services. Our expertise ensures that the audio in your productions is of the highest quality, capturing the essence of every moment. Whether you're looking to enhance dialogue clarity, correct audio imperfections, or create a cinematic Atmos mix, our skilled professionals and state-of-the-art technology are here to elevate your project.


We understand the importance of crystal-clear audio in creating immersive narratives, and our range of services stand as a testament to our commitment to delivering unparalleled sound experiences for your productions. Explore the world of precision audio with Lounge Post – where every word, every sound, is crafted to your needs.

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